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  • NoLita Studio, Lower Level 236 Elizabeth Street New York, NY, 10012 United States (map)

The magic square, an alignment system rooted in Chinese and Indian numerology and geometry, is a recapitulation of the structural embryological blueprint contained within our double helix of DNA, and the body is constructed in a series of similarly shaped asymmetrically arranged spirals. As we move through life outside the womb, our responses to the world shape our bodies and emotions, and we hold tensions and memories in our tissues and organs as we literally spiral out of ourselves. The magic square represents an opportunity to consciously explore the primitive gestures that shape our lives in a highly structured context, bridging the spiritual and physical landscapes of the body in a magical dialogue of embodiment. Through pattern, repetition, imagination, breath, sound, and movement, learn the magic behind the magic square to inform, enliven, and nourish your being.


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