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  • NoLita Studio, Lower Level 236 Elizabeth Street New York, NY, 10012 United States (map)

Biointelligent Movement & Yoga offers universal and personal therapeutic formulas incorporating movement, sound, breath, energy, and awareness that navigate the time-space continuum of life, inspiring our body’s imagination, curiosity, and deep, inner intelligence. Connection, coherence, nourishment, energy, efficiency, and proprioceptive inner awareness are generated via exploring relationships to time, space, gravity, and bone, supporting well being and healing, and refining more outwardly directed, musculoskeletal expressions, such as yoga, athletics, martial and performance arts.

In Biointelligent movement explorations, movement nourishes and informs, developing the capacity for healing and regeneration, and grounding the body in emotional and physical well being via the development of proprioceptive inner awareness. This awareness orients and informs us, navigating the edge between physical and emotional experience and expression where healing and creativity emerge. In this way, Biointelligent Movement & Yoga transcends static, conventional biomechanical paradigms. Rather than analyzing and executing movements and experiencing the body as isolated, mechanical equations and ranges of motion achieved via muscular effort, Biointelligent Movement & Yoga emerges as a fluid expression of our dynamic living process within a framework of connective tissue and fascia organized by embryological, tensegrity, osteopathic, and meridian structural alignment principles. Biointelligent Movement & Yoga is grounded in fascia research, somatic movement, embryology, physiology, neuroscience, epigenetics, gynecology, and osteopathy.


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