As a Taoist yoga teacher, mother of a spry toddler, body reader, and energy healer, I am honored to teach others how to explore and observe themselves both on and off the mat. With this work, students have opportunity to hear their thoughts and see their actions/reactions, as well as notice their bodies tightness and blind spots. I foster a safe environment to honor what may come up, create space to  feel feelings, and encourage movement to sync up with the power of the divine flow. The one truth is that everything is always moving and if we keep with this pattern of the Universe, we will flourish and thrive to be our greatest versions of our self. 

I teach yoga, qi gong, tai chi, and on wild days, kung fu. It is my greatest joy to work with students and observe the in-between moments, rather than the pose itself. For it is about the journey, the process, rather then the destination or pose. I have studied with teachers across many disciplines and styles and continue to take the seat as student to learn about everything outside as it is the same within. The great Lao Tzu said "Knowing others is wisdom, Knowing yourself is enlightenment."


French is an inspiring teacher, always β€œon” and with notes of wisdom in every breath; her articulation of proper alignment is precise and, at times, even poetic.
— Jim Catapano, Yoga Sleuth

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