Summer 20 Hour

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Summer 20 Hour

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Fan the Fire of your Summer Heart: Supported Inversions to be Light, Spacious, and Free

Friday, June 21 through Sunday, June 23

This intensive will give an overview of the SpeakEasy theory as it applies to inversions. Students will learn to embody the action of traveling in two directions at once in order to lighten up the load (so to speak) as the lower body becomes the top half in a pose and the top half becomes the foundation. The energy and organs flip upside in this summer practice to delve into the magic within to lighten up to cool and balance the heart during the inversion practice.

Supported poses will be studied so that practitioners can access the neurology of proper alignment while feeling simultaneously safe and free. Students will begin to learn adjustments as they train their eyes on other bodies within these shapes. Poses of power will be played with as participants travel the body inwards for calm and outwards for circumference. 

A mini foot read of all students in attendance will follow.

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