Cape Cod Retreat

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Cape Cod Retreat

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OCTOBER 18 - 22, 2018

As Autumn approaches , the wind boasts of maple and cinnamon, snaps the freckles off of our cheeks, and, as the days get dark, dangles the tantalizing murky wade through what might have been. 

It is the perfect time to fall prey to resign and get stuck in the mud of memories! 

Shrug off “what might have been” and come celebrate “what is” and “what may be!” 

For five days and four nights on Cape Cod, soothe your sweetly effortful soul as the sound of your breath aligns with the waves of the ocean. Make new friends but keep the old. ‍
Watch the sun rise rosy and the sun set gold!

Practice yoga, meditation, and pranayama twice daily. 

• Three meals a day 
• shared bathrooms
• massages

• Single $1,200
• Double $900
• Triple $700

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